POT Membership Application
POT is opening the doors of POT GARDENS to members this Fall and opening membership spots in both studios (only a few in Echo Park). This application is for pottery membership to either studio.

Membership is heavily pottery oriented at the end of the day. Members will be responsible for 100% of the pottery making process, from setup to clean up. It is important that you are comfortable hand building or wheel throwing independently because you usually won't have someone to ask questions to. Our equipment is also dangerous if not used properly and glazes can be contaminated. For the safety of you and our space, we require taking classes first to be familiar with all processes involved. Please don't feel rushed into membership because classes come with many perks!


-Your own shelf for storage
-Your first bag of clay free on us (after that you can buy bags off us, we keep them in stock)
-Access to all our equipment
-Firing of your pieces (15 pieces max per month for each firing)
-Access to the studio outside of staff hours - so safety is key
-Access to our dipping glazes

GUIDELINES: (most are in place for safety reasons)

-Must have taken at least two 4-class series with us IN-STUDIO, online classes don't count (this is a hard rule for safety reasons)
-Must have pottery experience (need to be comfy working independently)
-Must clean and disinfect all spaces and tools used thoroughly
-Due to covid, members must wear masks and provide all their own tools, aprons, etc.


POT - 1933 Echo Park Ave. 90026
POT GARDENS - 3228 Jefferson Blvd. 90018


-There is a size limit to pieces you make
-We are NOT a production pottery studio, please DO NOT apply if you plan to fire extra large pieces or high volume
-Staff is not there to clean up after members
-We are letting in 4 new members per month
-POT GARDENS is ADA accessible
-Priority will be given to those who have taken the most classes with us for the longest time
-Priority for new memberships will go to Black community members first, then POC.

Please only apply to POT GARDENS if you're flexible with the fact that this is a young, developing community space. Many rules will change and develop in the first year of our new studio opening. There will also be intermittent closures for maintenance.

Membership contribution is $180 per month, setup on autopay. This goes towards organizing, human managing, labor loading and unloading the kilns, glazes & supply maintenance, etc. A lot of labor goes into both managing members and the pottery they produce.

Sliding scale of $20 discount per month is available to POC only, with priority to Black folks native to South LA.

There are A LOT of folks that we'd love to have as members who may need more classes to get comfortable. If you absolutely want to be a member but feel you need more instruction/practice, indicate in the poll as we may give priority to class signups for you.

The energy in our space is sacred to our community. We thank you for wanting to share space with us.
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