2019 Camp Weekaneatit Volunteer Agreement and Release
All volunteers must submit this volunteer agreement and release form by April 15, 2019. For questions, please contact Jill Waddell at campweekaneatit@gmail.com . Please read and fill in agreements below.

Staff Rules & Policies
I recognize that by agreeing to work at Camp Weekaneatit, whether for pay or as a volunteer, I am willingly joining a community of caregivers entrusted with the care and well-being of campers, and therefore agree to adhere to and uphold the following rules and policies of the camp community:

Attendance: Unless I make specific arrangements with the Director beforehand, I will (1) attend all staff training sessions; (2) attend the entire camp session; (3) attend all camp meals, activities, and meetings; (4) stay on campus at all times; (5) observe the curfew.

Forbidden Items: I will not bring to camp any alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms, knives, fireworks or other explosives, pets, or any other potentially dangerous items.

Medication Storage: I will keep all of my medications (prescription and non-prescription) in the Health Center, unless otherwise approved by the Director.

Camper Supervision: I will: (1) NEVER be one-on-one behind closed doors with a camper;(2) ALWAYS keep the campers I’m supervising in my line of sight, unless their privacy otherwise mitigates against it (showering, changing clothes), in which case I will keep them in earshot.

Personal Electronics: I will only use my personal electronic equipment (cell, etc.) during my time-off and in areas designated by the Director.

Conduct with Campers: I will treat all campers with respect, and will NOT: (1) shame them; (2) use profane or sexual language around them; (3) touch them in spots normally covered by bathing suits, unless for medical purposes and only in the presence of another adult; (4) touch them against their will; (5) hit or bully them; (6) use corporal punishment; (7) allow them to participate in any activity that is potentially physically or emotionally harmful, including pranks and horseplay; (8) share the details of my personal life with them.

Conduct with Staff: I will interact with my fellow staff members in a respectful and professional manner, and will NOT: (1) threaten, harass, or bully them; (2) use profane or sexual language around them; (3) touch them in a physically threatening or sexual way.

Reporting Concerns: I will immediately report to the Director any concerns I have about: (1) campers (i.e. bed wetting, homesickness, overtly sexual language/conduct, especially challenging behavior, medical concerns, failure to follow rules); (2) staff members (i.e. failure to follow rules, inappropriate
interactions with campers or other staff members, conflicts with me, other staff members, or campers); (3) my own health and well-being or performance.

Post Camp Contact with Campers: I will not contact campers outside of the structured camp setting (via phone, text messaging, email, IM, regular mail, social networking website exchanges, in person, etc.), unless in accordance with the guidelines shared by the Director.

On-line Presence: I will ensure that if I have a profile on a social networking website or have some other kind of on-line presence, the content meets the standards that Camp Weekaneatit requires of its staff while on-site (i.e. no references to drinking, drug use, sexual activity). I will also refrain from making campers “friends” on social networking websites, and will not post campers’ names, photos, or use any Camp Weekaneatit logos without permission.

Additional Staff Agreements: I understand that I will be participating in many physical activities at Camp Weekaneatit, and that my participation in camp activities can expose me to dangers both from known and unanticipated risks. I agree to participate in these activities at my own risk.

I authorize the Camp Weekaneatit medical staff to provide the emergency medical care to me that they deem necessary, and to decide if I am not healthy enough to stay at camp. I give permission for Camp Weekaneatit staff to directly contact any of the medical professionals listed on my paperwork.
I give permission to Camp Weekaneatit and the host site—Camp Twin Lakes to use photographs and video footage of me, and statements from me, for promotional purposes.

I hereby release Camp Weekaneatit, Camp Twin Lakes and, its officers and directors, and all of their respective employees, volunteers, directors, officers, trustees, members and sponsors (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Releases”) from and against all claims, damages and liabilities, that may result, directly or indirectly, from any physical or emotional injury that I may suffer while at Camp Weekaneatit or during transportation to and from.

I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Releases against all claims, damages and liabilities, including legal fees and other out-of-pocket expenses, that may or could result, directly or indirectly, from any physical or emotional injury that I may suffer while at Camp Weekaneatit or during transportation to and from.

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I understand that failure to uphold any of these rules and policies may be cause for Camp Weekaneatit to terminate my involvement.
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