Varieties of Big Book Study Experience Survey
Chad U, Area 60 Newsletter Editor

In the short time I've been in AA, I've noticed that the meeting format that has the most variability is the Big Book Study. Nearly every group I've been to does it a little differently, and I think that is a great strength of our fellowship.

CONTENT: Some start from the title page ("The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism") and read the Preface and Forewords; some don't. Nearly all read "The Doctor's Opinion," but do all read "Doctor Bob's Nightmare"? Some groups stick to just the "first 164 pages" and some read cover to cover.

METHOD: Some groups read line-by-line, some by paragraphs, some do whole pages, some whole chapters. Some groups have a single reader, some go around the room. Some groups listen to audio (either audiobook or a workshop on CD like Joe & Charlie's Big Book Comes Alive). Some groups use study guides, like the Primary Purpose Group Big Book Study or Big Book Awakening).

SHARING: Some groups allow those attending to share multiple times (especially if the section read is short), some allow only sharing once.

You may already know that the theme for the 2019 General Service Conference is “Our Big Book - 80 years, 71 Languages." In the interests of that, it’d be fascinating to collect the wide diversity of how we here in Western Pennsylvania (Area 60) collectively approach our basic text of recovery.

For those that are interested, please email us a copy of your group's chair guide to Generally, the chair guide will quickly describe your group’s preferred way of reading and studying our Big Book. You can send your group’s chair guide as DOC, DOCX, PDF, plain text, a good cellphone picture, whatever. If you do a different sort of Big Book study outside of a group (with your sponsor, perhaps?) write in and tell us that too!

Deadline for inclusion is 3/4/2019.

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