Leela Guides Certification Programme: Application
Hi! I'm looking forward to getting your application.

If you are interested in becoming a certified Leela guide, then please fill out this form as sincerely and honestly as possible. After filling out the form, write me a direct message on Instagram @leela_with_agata

When I get your application, we will arrange a call to discuss if the course is a good fit for you.

I’m looking forward to your application!
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If you played Leela, how?
If you've already guided the game, what were the challenges? What do you need help with?
What is Leela for you? What is it about? *
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How would you like to use the skills that you acquire on the course, becoming a certified Leela guide? *
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Please list the qualities & characteristics that a Leela guide needs to possess: *
Do you think you have the qualities & characteristics required for a Leela guide? If not, what do you believe you need to develop/improve? *
There's one important rule for a Leela game: each game has to be finished. Do you feel that you're ready to guide players until they reach the end of the game (sometimes it may take 10-12 hours, although the process can be split into several days)? Are you ready to be there for players, to support & motivate them until the end? *
How will you identify whether you have successfully completed your study programme? What are your personal goals? *
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