VergeJXN Project Application
October 20, 2018 11am-4pm at the Hatch in Midtown, Jackson.

Application due by midnight on October 1, 2018

Contact us at with any questions or concerns regarding your application
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Project Name *
Project Leader Name and Number *
If you are working in a group, choose one person to be the primary contact with your curator.
Secondary Contact Name, E-mail, and Number
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Project Description (250 words or less) *
Please write a thorough description of your planned project.
How will your project will be interactive? *
What will people see, hear, do, and/or take part in?
What genre best fits your project? *
Is your project... *
If your project is performative or will take place for a shorter duration than the festival, how long will it last?
If you are planning on performing once, we would like to put your work onto our schedule, website, social media, and map. Being as specific as possible will help us meet your needs and let attendees participate in your performance.
What are your project materials? *
Are there any hazardous materials or activities associated with your project? If yes, what kinds? *
All projects at Verge need to be people, kid, and pet friendly. We highly encourage our artists to use non-toxic and non-hazardous materials.
What estimated costs are associated with your project? *
Please give us a rough budget for the costs of the materials needed for your project.
Does your project require any of the following: *
Check all that apply. Be aware that our interior and dark spaces will be given to projects that require those settings. Be prepared to set up your project outside.
What are the dimensions of your project? *
Length x Width x Height in closest estimated feet and inches.
How much space does your project require? *
Each project will automatically receive an 8 ft x 8 ft space. If you anticipate needing more space, please let us know the minimum space needed for your project to be successfully installed as well as your ideal desired footprint.
What is your ideal placement? *
Will you be bringing a shade structure? *
i.e. a tent or canopy
If yes, how large is your shade structure?
Length x Width x Height in closest estimated feet and inches.
Will you be able to bring the tables/chairs your project requires? *
What is your set-up plan? *
How long will it take you to set up your project? Do you need to bring a vehicle to your assigned site?
What is your breakdown plan? *
How long will it take you to break down your project? Do you need to bring a vehicle to your assigned site? We operate by the campfire rule to leave your space better than how you found it.
If your project must be staffed, who will attend to your space throughout the day of the festival? *
Please list each additional person's name and phone number as well as the times they will be manning your space.
Do you have any questions or additional information for the Curatorial Committee?
Image Submittal Guidelines
Images are not required for Verge project applications, but if you want to send any supplemental images, we will accept no more than 6 photos in .JPG format emailed to with your Project Name in the subject line.
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