IPW - User Survey
The purpose of this survey is to collect information from our participants regarding their ability to complete the test cases and submit their results to the organizing committee. This information will be used to determine the duration and the agenda for the workshop.

We are currently planning for an all virtual/remote workshop to be held on 27-28 July 2021. The specific time and durations will be determined based, in part, upon the results of this survey.

Updated Schedule
We are requesting the participants submit their results to the organizing committee by 14 May 2021. The list of specific results to be submitted can be found here [provide link to document].
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1. Your Name *
2. Your organization or affiliation *
3. Please select the cases that you plan to complete and submit results. We understand that all participants may not be able to complete all of the baseline cases. Our goal for this first workshop is to encourage participation as best we can. Link to test cases: https://folk.ntnu.no/richahan/IPW/files/IPW1-case-descriptions-20210309.pdf *
4. Do you have the information that you need to complete and submit results for these cases? If not, please state under "Other:" what is missing. *
5. Which icing code(s) are you using to complete these cases? *
6. From what country [time zone] do you plan to participant virtually/remotely in the workshop? This information will be used to optimize the timing of the event. *
Thank you very much for your participation!
Additional comments to the organisation commitee.
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