Cam Valley Arts Trail 2021 Registration - for NON Google or Gmail account owners
Event Timing: Sat 6th and Sun 7th Nov 2021

All exhibitors must be members of the Cam Valley Arts Trail Group [Annual fee £15]. For Application Form please see question further on in Trail Registration Form.

You will need to have your image (1-2MB) ready to hand and have thought about your responses before starting to complete the form, as it is 'Live' you will not be able to save part completed forms
For queries contact us at or 07763218176
Please proof all information before submitting as we cannot be held responsible for any typo errors. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information submitted is correct.
Answers will be displayed in the brochure and on the website unless otherwise indicated.
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Image request - please email your image to: by Friday 30th July at the latest - your Registration will not be valid until an image is received. [please add your name and a title to the file to identify your work - no mounts/frames etc.
Application Type *
Venues are allocated to ensure a mix of artists that will attract a wide audience and we will avoid duplication of similar artists in the same venue where possible. We will try to accommodate any preferences on your choice of venue which are located across villages in the Cam Valley, 10 miles south of Bristol & Bath (see map below): hall venues are in Clutton, High Littleton, Paulton, Timsbury & Camerton
Cam Valley Arts Trail Area
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Terms & Conditions
The Arts Trail is organised by the Cam Valley Arts Trail Group, which is run by volunteer artist members of the group. The aim of the group is to promote the arts and support artists within the Cam Valley. We pride ourselves in hosting a professional and uniquely creative event where artists can showcase their original handcrafted work.
The Trail is a 2 day event which is open to the public between 11am - 4pm on both days. (NB. Sunday times may vary from venue to venue due to local conditions eg. Church services.)
Set up from 9am on the Saturday.
Artists must ensure their stall is staffed at all times throughout the weekend and you need to be prepared to engage with the public who are often interested in how work is produced. Digital only exhibitors must be available to respond to visitor queries several times a day.
Your work can be left in the venue overnight at your own risk.
Stalls must be open for the full duration of the Trail. Packing up early is disrespectful to other artists and can cause a hazard to visitors to the event. Artists must have tidied up by 5pm on the Sunday.
Please note there are no refunds for cancellations after the 31st July 2021
For the trail to be a success we need help with the publicity - the more signs and information we can get out there the better, so please forward information about the event we produce to your friends, family and contacts. Artists will be responsible for helping to put up signs and banners at their venues so visitors know where your venue is and when you are open. As well as the brochure, banners/signs, and editorial & adverts in printed publications we also use digital marketing to promote the event. This includes:
Email: We will be sending out newsletters to all participants on the run up to the trail.
Facebook: We have a Facebook page 'Cam Valley Arts Trail' which we will be adding information to on the run up to the weekend so please' like' this page and then share updates on your own page (if you have one).
Twitter: Our Twitter account is @camvalleyart. If you have a Twitter account please retweet our posts and ensure all tweets regarding the trail and your work is accompanied with #camvalleyartstrail
Instagram: Our Instagram account is @camvalleyartstrail Please follow our account and when you post anything add #camvalleyartstrail
We will be holding a launch event in the week of 25th October for all registered artists to attend; artists have the opportunity to meet each other, get final information about the event and collect signs/name badges and banners they need for the trail itself.
All artwork must be original and produced by the artist. Artists must not sell 'bought in' items produced by others. If you have any queries please contact Karen: 07763218176. We pride ourselves in having a wide range of artists producing unique, beautiful work - it's inspiring for visitors to see very different work over one weekend. Once artists have registered, images of artists' work will be used on social media & our website to promote the event.
We reserve the right to edit the information you provide for the brochure and website as necessary to fit available space.
One of the artists at each venue will act as a coordinator for the venue on the day. They will need help on the day as they have their own work to display so please arrive at 9am on the Saturday to help with the setting up of your venue as well as your own pitch. If artists arrive late, it is unlikely that other artists will be able to move their already set up displays - please arrive on time.
Many of the venues have tables and chairs available, but this is not always the case for artist studios, where you may need to provide your own table and chair. Generally, artists at the venue will work together to create an attractive exhibition showcasing everyone's work. Spaces are likely to allow for items such as browsers / rails but, be aware this is dependent on the venue. If you require power for your display please bring your own fused extension leads and strong duck-tape to secure cables out of reach, as power sources may not be adjacent to your pitch.
By checking the box below I confirm that I have read the terms and conditions and will commit to the dates and times of the Trail, including helping with set-up and break-down of the venue and with pre-event publicity. I understand that my registration will not be complete until full payment, and an image for the brochure, has been received by Cam Valley Arts Group. [Please note there are no refunds for cancellations after the 31st July 2021] Should COVID restrictions require that the event be digital members will be transferred to the digital only rate and reimbursed appropriately.

Existing Member in a venue £40 New Member Fee + in a venue £55
Existing Member opening own venue £26 New Member Fee + in own venue in the Cam Valley £41
Existing Member digital only £25 New Member Fee + digital only £40
Please Confirm T&Cs- see below for Payment *
New Member Registration Form - see link here [membership runs from 1st April - 31st March] See Membership Form Link at foot of webpage
Details for Payments - final cut-off for payments to have been received is 31st July 2021
Bank Transfer (include reference 'Trail 21') to:
Account Name: Cam Valley Arts Trail Sort Code: 30-84-20 Account No: 32999368
Cheque payable to: 'Cam Valley Arts Trail' and post to:
Sophie Piddock, Treasurer CVAT, 30 Maynard Terrace, Clutton BS39 5PW
Optional Questions
Answering these questions will help us to advertise you better across social media and in the press. The information will not be used in our Trail Brochure, and we may not use all your answers. If you would like to send additional images, please email them to Feel free to answer or leave blank if they don't apply.
Tell us about yourself and your art/craft
What led you to start doing what you do?
From where do you draw inspiration?
Give us an interesting fact about your particular art or craft
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