Application for EATO's Roles
EATO is co-created by community members. We help each other to do the most good that we can.
EATO's roles provide helpful support for the community, and the roles are critical to EATO's growth and long-term impact.

Expected Costs:
-Your soul

Expected Benefits:
-Develop your skill and experience in these areas: community building, public communications and relations, project management, coaching, event services, and more depending on how you choose to customize your role
-Develop relationships with community leaders that will help you to embody our community's values: greater altruism, effectiveness and truth-seeking, openness to updating, collaboration, and integrity
-Set yourself up for some of the potential career paths for after community building:
-Become responsible for a portion of the impact of the EATO community and global EA network: work in a potentially high priority cause area according 80000 Hours:

This Form:
Currently, EATO is operated by Colin Bested, a dynamic team of volunteers, and community members who contribute, e.g. through coming to meta-meetings and group planning meetings to share their thoughts on the issues at hand. Thus, currently, EATO's hiring process is at the discretion of the above-listed operators of EATO. Contact Colin for further details as we continue to develop our human resources and systems.
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Available Positions - Check all that you are applying for
Making your own (simplified) role is welcome. Use the "Other" section for doing so.
If you suggested an unlisted role, please list out 1-3 key accountabilities for this role
e.g. set criteria for event partnerships and verify that the criteria is shared with the events team
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Give us 3-5 sentences, per position, to better understand why we should hire you for the available positions
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Give us 3-5 sentences, per position, to better understand why we should not hire you for the available positions
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We'll be in touch with early decisions and next steps over the next 2 weeks.
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