A new secondary school for Gloucester questionnaire
Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust (CBAT) would like your views on the proposed new Free School for Gloucester.
With the number of children in primary schools and the amount of new housing planned in the area, should additional secondary school places be made available in the South of Gloucester?
Do you support Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust's (CBAT) proposals to open a new secondary school in the Brookthorpe with Whaddon area of Gloucester?
Would you consider sending your children to the new school proposed by CBAT?
Do you support the curriculum and ethos of the secondary school proposed by CBAT? (See www.cbat.academy for more details)
The school will work with local business and industry to create learning opportunities for its students. Do you agree that this is relevant and useful for students?
A preliminary name for the school is Beacon Secondary Academy but we will not finalise the name until we have further views from the local community. Do you think this name is suitable?
Please let us know if you have any suggestions for names.
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Do you think the Secretary of State for Education should enter into a funding agreement with Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust to open and run a new Secondary Academy in Gloucester?
Would you like to receive further updates on our progress?
If 'yes' please supply an email address.
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Are you a:
Please use this space to make any comments or share ideas about the new school.
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