Singapore Hospice Council Focus Group Discussions
The Singapore Hospice Council is interested in understanding the public and professional perception of hospice and palliative care in Singapore through a series of focus group discussions.

Some topics these discussions will touch upon include the motivators and barriers in having conversations on the end-of life journey and hospice and palliative care, experiences in accessing hospice and palliative care, perceptions of the quality of hospice and palliative care, and some strategies to strengthen engagement between the Singapore Hospice Council and its stakeholders.

We are now looking for participants who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents and are:
a. Senior citizens aged 60 years and above;
b. Students aged 21 years and above, and are currently enrolled in Institute of Higher Learning;
c. Professionals in the hospice and palliative care sector.

** Please note that we have sufficient number of participants for the "Working Adults" session and will not recruit participants for that session. **
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