2017-2018 SRC/IRB projects needing pre-experimental approval for ACSEF participation.
This form is only for those students that answer YES to the 2 following statements:
1. My School or School District selects projects that can go to ACSEF.
2. My project involves one or more of these:
Humans, Nonhuman Vertebrate Animals, Microorganisms (bacteria - including swabbing surfaces to culture unknown organisms & known established cultures, viruses, viroids, prions, rickettsia, fungi, parasites), recombinant DNA, Fresh or Frozen bodily fluids, or tissues, blood or blood products, primary cell lines, human or other primate established cell lines/tissue cultures, pathogenic agents, or controlled substances -- including alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, cannabis products, anabolic steroids, or prescription drugs."

Thank you for your interest in competing at the Alameda County Science and Engineering Fair 2018.

This registration page is ONLY for students whose projects undergo a pre-selection process by school or school district and ONLY if their projects involve any of the items listed in #2 above.

These types of projects require the fair's safety committee approval BEFORE you can start the project experimentation or else your project will not be eligible to compete.

Provide a response to all of the questions below BEFORE you begin the experiment and do this between the TIME FRAME of AUGUST 1, 2017 and JANUARY 10, 2018. NOTE: The earlier you do this the sooner you can receive approval to begin your project research and be eligible to participate at ACSEF.

TEAMS- only ONE team member needs to register your project for SRC/IRB approval.

If your project proposal is approved by the SRC you will then follow the Pathways to Registration located on https://acsef.zfairs.com

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Summary includes 5 items: 1. Rational - brief explanation why this research is potentially important for societal impact. Provide a brief synopsis of the background information supporting the research problem. 2. Research Question(s) & Hypothesis(es) or Engineering Goal(s) & Expected Outcomes as they relate to the provided rationale statements. 3. Procedure or experimental design including methods for data collection and how each chemical or piece of equipment are to be used. 4. Risk and Safety: Identify any potential risks and safety precautions needed to do the project. 5. Data Analysis: Describe the procedure you believe you'll use to analyze the data/results
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