Welcome to United Federation Starfleet! We're excited to have you with us. Please review the UFS Membership Manual and use the information contained within it to answer the 30 questions in this exam. Once completed, click "Submit" at the end of the exam. You will be informed of your results typically within 48 hours.

You can take this exam "open note" so feel free to use the Membership Manual at the same time you take this exam.
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Exam Questions
Please answer all 40 questions. Each will have only one right answer. Any answers left blank will be counted as incorrect. Once you have completed the exam, click "Submit" and your responses will be sent for grading.
1. Which of the following is NOT a Ship of the Line status? *
2. What is the minimum age requirement to be CO of a Ship of the Line? *
3. Away Team units consist of at least two (2) members who wish to start a Ship of the Line. *
4. At the commencement of your Training Cruise, The UFS Chief of Staff will promote the CO of the Ship of the Line to what rank? *
5.The _____________ is responsible for overseeing all Administrative duties for both Ships of the Line and membership related aspects of UF Starfleet. *
6. How many active UFS Members must there be on a crew to become a fully commissioned Ship of the Line? *
7. Is there an Accelerated Ship of the Line Commissioning option? *
8. Will UFS accept Returning UFS Ships of the Line, if they left under friendly conditions? *
9. Enlisted crewman are required to pass Officer Candidate Training School.
10. Every Ship of the Line CO must complete a Monthly Service Report (MSR). *
11. United Federation Starfleet is a real life organization based in New York *
12. What are the only ways to get a promotion to the ranks of O-7 and above? *
13. Rank in UFS gives you authority over others. *
14. The Joint Chiefs of Staff: *
15. Which of the following is true for UFS Sector Commanders? *
16. The UFS Council of Admirals is made up of: *
17. The types of Ships of the Line in UFS are Local and Virtual. *
18. A person in UFS must renew their membership annually. *
19. Before a Ship of the Line can begin the Shakedown Cruise, it must have at least five (5) members including the CO and XO. *
20. The ultimate goal of UFS is to provide you with a realistic Starfleet experience. *
21. The Office of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) is set up to: *
22. The Joint Chiefs of Staff has the right to call upon the Inspector General to *
23. The Joint Chiefs of Staff report directly to: *
24. Which of the following is used for UF Starfleet Command Headquarters communications: *
25. Only people who already hold the rank of Captain or higher can become CO of an existing or newly established Ship of the Line. *
26. A ___________ is the first and foremost point of contact within UFS. *
27. UFS does not collect membership dues. *
28. Sector Commanders are elected by the COs of that Sector. *
29. As per the UFS Membership Manual, how many UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff positions exist? *
30. A CO or Sector Commander can expel or demote any members of their crew or Sector. *
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