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How many years have you been playing guitar?
How often do you currently practice?
What styles/genres of music are you into?
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What kinds of guitar playing are you into?
Who are your favorite guitar players?
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What do you feel is your current level of skill on guitar?
Can you play barre chords easily?
Which of the following scales can you play fluently?
Have you studied music theory before?
Can you cleanly and accurately play vibrato?
Can you cleanly and accurately play legato?
Can you confidently play in many positions on your guitar?
Which type of guitar playing are you best at?
What is your biggest goal on guitar at this present moment?
At which level of skill do you think you could be at one year from now?
Can you play "pinch" harmonics?
Can you "sweep" pick?
Is your guitar playing (especially lead guitar) typically:
How motivated are you to take your playing to the next level?
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