January 19, 2019 One Day Registration Form

Webster PACC
37 Harris St
Webster, MA 01570

When: January 19 2019

4pm: PC Opening, Game On
Somewhere Between 10pm and 11pm: Accelerant System Ends
10:30pm to 1amish: Candyland of Horrors Birthday Party for Michael and Sammy

Cost: $50 (paypal to witchtowers@gmail.com or pay cash at the door)

Please register by January 2 2019.

The event will take place at the PACC in Webster, MA, and will cost $50 to attend. The event will run from 4pm until 10pm. At 10pm, game will be called, and everyone will be given a 30 minute break to clean up any game materials. From 10:30-1amish, we will be holding an out-of-game social to celebrate the birthdays of Michael (Billy Lee in-game) and Sammy (Luci in-game). The birthday party theme, per Sammy's preference, is Candyland of Horrors.  Pizza and dessert will be available for free for those interested. Cash bar and music.

The in-game location of the event will, as always, be the Montgomery-Albright Social Club. More information forthcoming. If you attended the original cartoon one-day, you will be able to use your "Imbue to Cartoon" abilities for the majority of the event. If you missed that event, and would like to attend this one, please indicate so in your registration form.

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