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Hello there. Before taking our brief survey, please spend a few minutes reviewing our website, as you'll be asked specific questions about our service and your experience. Once you've successfully filled out and submitted the survey, we'll send you an email containing your discount code for $25 off your next tutoring session. Limit one per customer. Thank you for letting us pick your brain!
1.) How old are you? *
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3.) Which social websites do you regularly visit? *
4.) What general interest websites, blogs, magazines, or newspapers do you regularly read? *
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5.) What parenting or education websites, blogs, magazines, or newspapers do you regularly read?
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6.) What school(s) do you/your child(ren) attend? *
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7.) Is the information on our website presented in a clear and logical way? *
8.) Do you think the graphics, text, and overall design of the website are appropriate for a tutoring service? *
9.) Are the videos useful in introducing our company and helping you understand how a session is conducted on our interface? *
10.) Is our website friendly and inviting? *
10a.) Are the above qualities important to you when looking for a tutor online? *
11.) Does our website engender trust? *
12.) Is there any important information that is missing or difficult to find on our website? *
12a.) If "yes," please explain.
13.) Would the fact that we have a social mission affect your decision to try our tutoring service? *
13a.) Here's more space if you want to elaborate on the above.
14.) Have we provided enough information about our fleet of tutors? *
14a.) If "no," what else would you like to know?
15.) Do you feel that the vetting process for our tutors is sufficient? *
15a.) If "no," what other steps should we take?
16.) What qualities do you (or would you) look for when hiring a tutor? *
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17.) How important is it to you that your/your child's tutor is a teacher or has teaching experience, as opposed to tutoring experience alone? *
18.) Which of the following payment structures makes more sense to you? *
19.) Aside from one-on-one tutoring, would you/your child be interested in any of these other services? *
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19a.) Any other suggestions?
20.) If you have additional comments or questions about our website or service, please tell us here.
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