Border Wall Resistance Weekend: Logistics
With the Trump administration moving fast on the south Texas border wall, Texas Sierra Club stands in solidarity for justice, human rights, and protecting the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge.

On August 12th, hundreds of Texans are making their way to Mission, Texas to march & rally in honor of the history and culture of the Rio Grande Valley to demonstrate the importance of the Rio Grande as we resist the proposed border walls.

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To be clear, there are TWO events happening this weekend:

Saturday, August 12: A 7am ecumenical procession and rally at La Lomita Chapel
Sunday, August 13: A morning protest hike at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge

The bulk of the Austin/San Anto riders will be back home Sunday evening.

Note: The Texas Sierra Club is organizing rides from Austin and San Antonio to the Valley, but if you're outside of these two areas and looking for a ride, contact Kristal Ibarra-Rodriguez, Volunteer Coordinator, at or call 939-216-9699 and we'll connect you with a contact in your city.

We will do our best to provide lodging and food for people participating the whole weekend.

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