Artist Proposals: Take Action - Pop Up Performances at See. Say. DO
To present work at Art to Change the World's event, Take Action - Pop Up Performances at See. Say. DO

Art to Change the World (ACW) is a non-profit, diverse coalition of artists, educators, scientists, topic experts, and other change makers who join forces in service of positive social change. We employ the arts, education, audience engagement, and organizational partnerships to provoke discussion, reflection, and action. More information at

ACW will host a two-week event with an exhibition, performances and workshops around the theme of See. Say. DO from Oct. 4-14, 2018. The purpose of our events and exhibitions is to provoke discussion, reflection and action and to nurture an emphatic, socially-aware and action-oriented community.

More about See. Say. DO:
Twenty established and emerging artists and their topic expert team members are creating social and environmental justice works, transforming the cutting-edge art space Squirrel Haus Arts in South Minneapolis into an inviting and magical universe which draws the visitor into a thought provoking, interactive journey with the intent of inspiring action in our community.

Take Action - Pop Up Performances on October 14th
We are seeking proposals from artists of all disciplines to be a part of Take Action - Pop Up Performances at See. Say. DO on Sunday, October 14th, at Squirrel Haus Arts located at 3450 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406.

We are looking for performance proposals that are seeking to create positive social change.
Your proposal can be of a finalized performance, a work in progress, or a performance installation (you must be able to install and take down in one day).
Artists can share work of any medium.
Your proposal can be a solo or group piece.
Audience participation encouraged!
Artists who identify as BIPOC, Queer, Trans, or with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply.

Artists are encouraged to submit their work with the specific issue(s) they are addressing. We are are interested if proposals can be in response or in connection to the featured See. Say. DO artists and their topics:

Craig Harris - Human Senses-CTSD 
Barbara Bridges - Recovery
Anne Kleinhenz - Heart Listening
Rebecca Ratzlaff - Labor/Unions 
Candy Kuehn  - Dark Energy/Brain Neurology 
Jill Waterhouse - Gender/Sexual Equality
Maris Gilbert - Water Quality 
Barb Kobe - Emotional Nature – Embodied Knowing – Empathetic Connection 
Kira Corser - Climate Change /Human Rights 
Barry Scanlan - Environmental Corporate Abuse   
Madelynne Engle - Truth and  Resilience 
Layl McDill - Persuasive Technologies
Danielle Ricci - Ongoing Refugee Crisis 
Shira Richter - Motherhood: Women, Men and Money
Grace Bianchi - Body Image 
Kate Renee - Seven Deadly Sins-Glutthoney
Felicita Lenee - FE -Compassionate Arts in Action 
Wesley May - Identity 
Laura Hill - Reclaiming our Narratives: Exploring Race & Identity 
Nikki McCoomb - Art is my Weapon

Find out more about the artists and their topics at:

Artists will be given a minimum $50 stipend and any additional proceeds split amongst all Pop Up Performance Night artists. Artist will also receive a free membership to ACW with benefits such as: Fiscal Sponsorship, Connections to a Network of Internationally Diverse Artists, Marketing Assistance from ACW for Personal Events, and more!

Deadline to submit: July 20th at 11:59PM (CT).

Artists will be notified no latter than July 31st, 2018.

Curators: Pedro Pablo, Leila Awadallah, and Ben Swenson-Klatt

If you have any questions, email Ben Swenson-Klatt at

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