4/6 Daily Challenges (3/30 - 4/3)
The 4/6 daily challenges from the comfort of your own home. As always, no looking up answers or asking others for clues! This must be filled out by Friday 4/3 at 6pm (although you can do them all as soon as you get them). Good luck and remember there is candy waiting for you at Heath for every right answer!
What is your name?
Mappy Monday : The 2024 Olympic Games will be held in this European Country (3rd largest European Country)
Topical Tuesday : What does former Patriots tight end Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski do for a job now? (Hint...its a sport)
Wordy Wednesday : Unscramble isbsaprrree
Trivia Thursday : What is the name of the Boston Celtics mascot?
Fact or Fiction Friday : It takes the body 12 hours to completely digest food?
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