Grid Zine Fest tabler registration form
Grid Zine Fest will take place Saturday April 13, 2019 in downtown Salt Lake City. The fest will run 11am-5pm, with workshops taking place during the fest. Please note that we ask that exhibitors focus their tables towards zines. At least 75% of your table should be zines or comix.

With this goal in mind, this year we're asking you to list the zines you will have, or think you will have at the fest. We're not curating the content of your zines, but just making sure that everyone who has a table is primarily focused on zines and comix. If we see that you don't have, or intend to have, your table be 75% zines or comix, we'll reach out to you. We love crafts and other DIY art forms, but we're eager to keep GZF focused on zines and comix. We really appreciate your understanding.

This is not meant to discourage folks who have never made a zine before, or who only have one or two zines. If you don't have a zine, tell us about your idea (As long as you'll have it before the fest. You can do it!). We love new zine makers and believe zines are for everyone.

Keep in mind that space is limited, and most zine makers should register for a half table, which is approximately 36 inches wide by 30 inches deep. We ask, for the comfort of those around you, that you have no more than two people at a half table. If you are a distro, or small press, please register for a full table. Half tables are $20, full tables are $40 and all table fees go to help with venue rental, and other costs.

Payments should be made to to via PayPal or @gridzinefest on Venmo no later than February 1-- your table is not guaranteed until we receive payment, and space is limited. Email us at if you need alternate payment arrangements (paying later, paying in cash, etc).

We have received a donation to fund six half tables for those who are unable to pay the tabling fee. We don't want lack of money to prevent anyone from tabling. If you would like to claim a free spot, please email us, or note it on this form. This is first come, first serve, and you don't need to explain anything. Folks who can pay: please don't claim a spot away from someone who cannot afford to table. If you would like to contribute money to help pay for another tabler, please get in touch! Any amount helps.

Full refunds will be available upon cancellation until one month before the fest (Saturday March 16th). We will refund 50% of your registration fee up to two weeks before the fest (cancellations on or before Saturday March 30th). After that, no further refunds will be available.

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