Bali Impact Angels - 2nd session - Welcome!
Bali Impact Angels is holding its 2nd investor pitching session on Friday Feb 14th at 5pm.
--> Register below if you are an investor and want to join <---

The entrepreneurs pitching this round will be:
home/hotel delivery of organic vegetables & spices, based in Bali

Natural fibre waste replacement of styrofoam for packaging + transport, based in Jepara, Java.

Village waste collection & processing, Bali.

Coffee farmer to retailer supply chain solution - Jakarta.

-- OR --
* DIFAGO: disable persons employment service - Bali -

These businesses seek a true coaching Angel Investor (investment + advice) to bring them to scale.
We'd like to invite you as an investor to join and help us co-create this regular event to suit your needs.

This session will be on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14th starting at 5 pm.
At KOPERNIK --> Jalan Raya Mas, Mas, South of Ubud.

Pitching starts at 17:15, ending at 19:00.
With an hour of drinks & food after. Closing at 20:00.

Some basic rules:
* All businesses are operational, based in Indonesia, have a social or environmental impact, are scalable and have already started operations. They seek either equity or a convertible loans. We don't do straight loans nor donations, there are other options for that;
* All investors have experience and capital to invest. We will probably limit the group to 50 members.
* Together we will explore together how to channel investments, given the Indonesian regulations.

Investors, please register below.

Do you want your business to pitch next time?
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