7th LAS EU Functions Course Application Form
September 20 - October 1, 2021

Course information http://hsblas.gr/lasfunctionscourse/
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Course fee: 450€
Billing information will be forwarded to successful applicants.
Payment of the full amount must be completed by August 10, 2021.
Registration will be confirmed upon confirmation of payment.
Please read cancellation policy at our website.
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HSBLAS is not subject to taxes. Please check with your funding institute (especially for Greek ELKE accounts!) which document they require. Full amount should be delivered to the Course account, otherwise the participant will be charged the difference. The receipt/invoice will be delivered to the participant during the Course.
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Please state if the receipt is to be issued under your name, or, in case of receipts issued to funding companies, provide full details (company name, address, VAT, contact person) and list any additional requirements.
Attendance details
- Full attendance is mandatory. Please take care to be on time.
- Certificates will be issued upon successful evaluation.
- Certificates will be issued approximately 1 month after the Course. Participants are kindly requested to receive the hard-copy from the LRMS. Pdf copies will be forwarded to all.
- Attendance of Function B modules requires a BSc degree or equivalent.
- We are unable to support dietary restrictions, however we offer a selection during lunch breaks.
- Please note that practical training involves live animal handling. Take precautions and notify the staff if you have any animal allergies!
GDPR Notice
Please note that by completing this application form you consent to the following use of your personal data:
1. The LAS EU Functions Course organizers archive your personal information along with all relevant Course materials, degrees and exams. This information is necessary in order to produce and track your individually numbered Course certificate.
2. The LAS EU Functions Course organizers maintain a mailing list of past participants and may occasionally forward information about upcoming courses.
3. If you successfully complete the Course and obtain the FELASA accredited certificate your name is listed in the FELASA database linked to the Course details, in order to allow FELASA at any time to confirm your status as a graduate from one of their accredited courses. No other information is listed by FELASA.
Your data will not be distributed or used in any other way.
If you object to the use of your data as described above in any or all options, please contact lasfunctionscourse@gmail.com
Please forward your CV to lasfunctionscourse@gmail.com after completing the application form!
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