State of Comics, 2016
This is a survey regarding the state of comics in 2016. It seeks to build a comprehensive database of the real page rates being offered by specific publishers. It also seeks data regarding POC and women's representation in the creative aspects of comic work. The purpose of this survey is to publish this information publicly on, as a means to address problematic business practices in the comics industry and to offer publishers an opportunity to address any concerns and take steps in creating a more ethical, equal, and enduring comics medium.
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What is your name?
Although we will never share your information, your identity will always remain anonymous, we would like to ensure that we are gathering reliable information from working cartoonists.
How many years have you worked professionally in comics?
Part or all of your income is derived from comics work.
In what position do you make the majority of your income in comics?
What is your average page rate? please include your job title(s) *
What has been the lowest paying page rate you have been offered? please include your job title, publisher. *
What has been the highest paying page rate you have been offered? please include your job title, publisher. *
Are there any particular editors/publishers you will not work for, or have been warned about?
Please write a brief statement about what you have heard or why you have chosen to not work with them.
What is your race/ethnicity?
What is your gender?
What is your sexual orientation?
Have you faced challenges in the comics industry because of your race, gender or sexual orientation? If you feel comfortable sharing, please share your experience here.
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