Things that Frustrate Us - Art Submission
You must send us your final submission by 5pm, Monday 8th May 2017. Initial concept and intermediate submissions are recommended, but not necessary.

see for more details including the official brief.

Title of Artwork *
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Description of the problem/frustration, the media you will use and why, how your work meets the criteria, and possibly a story *
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How to send us photos and videos
We will accept links from most places. For concepts, we will accept links for images and videos which inspired you. We prefer Photos, but you might find Videos to be necessary for your medium. Here is a list of recommended options:

For Photos,
A. Upload to your Flickr account, and then send us the link(s) of each picture
B. Go to, upload your images, and then paste the link(s) in the Links Question which follows

For Videos,
A. Upload to YouTube, and then send us the link(s) of each video

Picture and Video Link(s)
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