Splendora HS Band Leadership Application 2021
IMPORTANT NOTE: The next page will contain essay questions for you to fill out and submit. **It is highly recommended that you type out your answers to the following questions in a separate document editor (Google Docs, Microsoft Word, etc.) and then copy/paste your answers on page 2 of the application. Otherwise, you could lose your work from a time-out.

These are essay prompts, so we are looking for essay-style responses:

1. Why do you want to be a student leader in the Splendora Band Program?
2. Tell us some things about yourself that would make you qualified to take on the position you are seeking. (duties that suit you, personal attiributes, etc.)
3. Describe the culture that you would like to help create both in your section and in the band program?
4. Do you feel that as a leader, it is important to attend all band events, or just the ones that don’t conflict with your other events? Please explain your answer.
5. What ONE idea do you have that will make the Splendora Band great? As a leader, how will you help facilitate this? Please be specific.
6. What was ONE thing that you felt like did not go very well this year? If you were in a leadership position, what do you think you could do to help make it better?
7. Imagine you are chosen as a student leader. List 3 goals you would want for the leadership team.
8. Scenario: At the end of rehearsal, the band director has made a direction call that you strongly disagree with. How do you proceed, or what would you do?
9. Scenario: A band student is openly saying very negative things about other band students and the program. What would you do?
10. Sometimes practicing at a high level can be challenging and difficult. How do you think you could encourage members around you to keep a positive attitude during those rehearsals?

It is a great honor to be a student leader in the Splendora Band program. All leaders will lead by EXAMPLE, not by TITLE. Student leaders will exist to support the band directors and to serve the band program. Being a student leader is a time-consuming role and will extend beyond just band practices. To serve on the band leadership team at Splendora HS is not only a tremendous honor, but it is also a great responsibility that requires patience, training, and discipline.

Positions Available:

The Drum Major is the most visible person in the band program as the conductor of the marching band during half-time shows and competition performances. This person represents the entire band program throughout Splendora High School and the Splendora community. The Drum Major will be responsible for several duties during marching season and will continue to be utilized throughout the remainder of the year.

The Band Secretary will work closely with the band directors to help with organization and paperwork (handouts) with the band program. This position will be responsible for reporting the attendance for classes and rehearsals as well as other administrative duties as assigned by the directors.

The Equipment Manager is responsible for all equipment for the band program. This includes instrument/equipment inventory, electronic setup for rehearsals, podium setup for rehearsals, and other equipment related duties as assigned by the directors. The Equipment Manager is responsible for assembling a crew to assist him/her with all necessary duties. It is expected that the Equipment Manager and his/her team completes all duties outside of rehearsal time.

The Uniform Manager is responsible for all marching and concert uniforms for the band program. This includes maintaining the organization of the uniform room, maintenance and organization of all uniform parts, distributing all uniforms on performance days, making sure that uniforms are hung properly, and other uniform related duties as assigned by the directors. The Uniform Manager is responsible for assembling a crew to assist him/her with all necessary tasks.

The librarian's main role in the program is assisting the directors with the organization and dissemination of music within the band program. They will be responsible for making sure that all students have access to the required materials that are paper-based. This includes drill charts, coordinate sheets (if used), stand tunes, concert band music, fundamentals packets, and anything else related to the library.

The Media Specialist's main goal is to help the band directors keep organized on social media with the BAND app and other social media outlets. We are looking for someone upbeat who enjoys taking fun pictures of the band and sharing them throughout the year to encourage a positive vibe in the program. The Media Specialist will be in charge of creating fun, positive events for the band students. This person will also be mainly responsible for creating the slideshow/presentation that happens at the SHS Band Banquet in May.

SECTION LEADER (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Percussion, Color Guard Captain)
Each Section Leader should be an outstanding musician and marcher. Section Leaders will be responsible for providing an excellent example for the students in their section. Section Leaders will also have several additional duties as assigned by the directors, but their main daily duty will be to lead in daily fundamental sectionals for each rehearsal. Each section leader will report diretly to the band directors with any information pertaining to their specific section.


After this application is submitted, there are two more steps:

1. Teachers will submit a recommendation form on Google Form. The form will be given to you following the receipt of this application and are also located on the Leadership Application Page on the band website.
2. Interview one-on-one with the band directors.
What is your name?
What instrument do you play?
What grade will you be in NEXT YEAR?
Clear selection
Are you trying out for drum major?
Clear selection
What leadership position(s) are you interested in applying for? (you can choose more than one)
Secretary will keep track of the band member rehearsal and major performance attendance as well as all communication with band directors, officers, and the band students. Librarian will work closely with the directors to keep track of music to hand out and library organization. Uniform Captain will organize the uniform check-in and check-out system, keep track of uniforms, and keep the uniform room neatly organized. Equipment Captain will recruit a truck loading crew and oversee that, organize and manage loading and unloading on the truck. Media Specialist will take pictures and video of band activities, post pictures on the BAND app, and create a slide show/presentation for the band banquet. Section Leaders and Color Guard Captain will oversee their sections and assist and help with music. They will also oversee that all sections have the right items and equipment for performances.
Did you previously serve on the leadership team (student position) in the Splendora HS Band?
Clear selection
Can you list any positions, honors, or achievements that you earned in JUNIOR HIGH?
Can you list any positions, honors, or achievements that you earned in HIGH SCHOOL?
What other organizations are you currently affiliated with at Splendora HS.
If you listed other organizations, please explain how you would be able to manage the time required for being in a leadership position for band. (leave blank if this doesn't apply)
Will you be working at a job during the marching band season?
Clear selection
If you answered that you will be working a job next year, please explain how you would be able to manage the time required for being in a leadership position for the band. (leave blank if this doesn't apply)
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