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1. How can the Government of Kenya create an enabling environment for the growth of youth entrepreneurship and Cooperatives?
2. In your view, how can the Government of Kenya deal with the looming challenge of youth unemployment?
3. The question of work experience during job applications for the youth has hindered many from accessing employment opportunities. How can the Government better facilitate the youth to access the necessary exposure require the changing employment field?
4. The Kenyan youthful population is bursting with creativity and talent. Though this is not effectively harnessed and spurred to grow. The Government of Kenya is committed to channel and harness this greatness for the growth of our nation. Kindly share with us how this can be enhanced?
5. (a) ICT knowledge is an important tool in the society today. Do you agree that the Government has done enough to empower the youth in this sphere
5.( b) How can the Government enhance this?
6. In the recent months there has been an upsurge of crime involving the youthful population in Kenya. The Government is committed to ensure an integrated approach towards solving this. Kindly give us feedback on ways this can be solved.
7. One of the Government's key areas of priority is providing affordable healthcare to all Kenyans. This in our scope entails dealing with drugs and substance abuse among the youth. What's your take on the avenues the Government can use to win this fight?
8. In what ways can the Government deal with the problem of youth radicalization and violent extremism in Kenya today?
9. In which ways can the Government of Kenya enhance Youth representation in Government and other decision making bodies ?
10. The youth are a key asset to any Government in the quest of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). How can the Government work jointly together with the youth towards attaining the SDG's?
11. How can the Government effectively coordinate the Youth programmes and activities?
11. (b) Do you support the current structure of National Youth Council? *
11. (c) How can National Youth Council restructure to ensure it delivers on its mandate the Voice of the you. *
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