Survey on 2020-2021 School Year
Please take your time and read and reflect on these questions. We are hoping for the most accurate information (at the moment) to help guide us in planning for a return to school this coming fall.
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Student Grade(s) in 2020-2021 School Year *
Will riding the bus be essential to your student(s) attending Merritt Academy this school year? *
Do you plan to send your student(s) back to Merritt Academy in the fall of 2020-2021? *
Would you send your students back to Merritt this fall if we had a hybrid schedule (example: 2 days a week in school and 3 days online)... meaning we have only half the students in the building at a time to ensure social distancing. *
If it was available would you take advantage of a 100% online program this fall at Merritt Academy? (Meaning your student would stay home full time but still be considered a Merritt Academy student). This would be an option for those not comfortable sending their students back to school yet but also wanting to still be a Merritt Academy student. This is NOT currently an option, but being talked about at the state level. *
Would you send your student(s) back to school this fall at Merritt Academy if face masks were required by the state/national government? *
SPORTS (5-12 grade only please).... If we are back to playing sports in the fall season would you participate?
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Other suggestions or thoughts to share with us as we plan for the upcoming school year? (This situation changes daily and we are planning for the "worst case" scenario with hopes to return to school in as normal a fashion as possible.) We value your input and ideas!
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