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Please complete the form below to begin the application process to become an expert on Sphere.

The service works by sending notifications to your web browser or mobile phone when a customer is looking for advice in your field of expertise. You can then respond via our live chat (instant messaging) interface if you're available and will be paid on a per-minute basis for the time you talk with the customer.

Some of our top experts make hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars per month from Sphere and it's free to join (although we take a small transaction fee for each conversation).

Search for "Sphere Knowledge" on the App Store or Google Play to try it out as a customer!

If we think you could make a suitable Sphere expert, we'll be in touch by email to schedule a chat so we can assess your expertise.

If you have any other questions, please email experts@heysphere.com.

PS: If you're already in touch with someone from our expert recruitment team (eg Jeremy, Georgina, Alec, Charlie or Bee), please do NOT complete this form. Please just follow the instructions that have been emailed to you and liaise with your contact at Sphere to finish the process.

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