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This is an 8-week class (16 hours) on the Book of Genesis. We will read through the Book to look for practical applications to our lives.

Each week Eugene Wu, Rob Penner, and Bob Jones will lead us through a section of Genesis. We will then have small group discussions in Breakout Rooms to process our findings. Ian Ma will guide our discussion and prayers.

The sessions will be held by way of Zoom video conferencing. You will be sent a Zoom link after registration is completed.

By registering you are giving consent for us to video record the session. Your image and voice may or may not be captured in the recording.

A Word from Our Teacher
"Genesis is the backbone of Scripture. The New Testament authors quoted Genesis 200 times - far more than any other Book.

Genesis is the worldview of God. In a world where our worldview is so heavily influenced by social media, internet culture, peer pressure, an injection of God’s worldview is desperately needed for adults and children alike.

Genesis is the book of faith. 8 out of the 17 Heroes of faith (19 out of 34 verses) in Hebrews 11 comes from Genesis. If we want to walk by faith, if we want our children to walk by faith, Genesis is essential material.

Genesis reveals to us God’s priorities, plans, power, passion, and provision that those who read it will have God’s priorities, plans, power, passion, and provision.

Genesis is the inheritance and treasure of God for his people. It was written for the exile people of God and for us. It is a beautiful treasure that God has given to us.

This year with the covid-19, I have been more aware of my own mortality (I had SARS in 2003). During lockdown I became aware how much time Hannah and Ben Ben spent on the internet and how their worldview is so heavily influenced by the world’s worldview. I wanted to leave an inheritance, a treasure, for them and I wanted them to gain God’s worldview. So I decided to work on the Genesis text and then to do daily Genesis readings with Hannah and Ben Ben. The result is this Genesis readings.

This summer many GCCers will be in Hong Kong, without the usual GCC summer mass exodus. With more social distancing, it will be a great opportunity to spend some time to delve into God’s word as a community. The zoom platform also allows us to catch up with each other and also to catch up on missed readings. Compared to the Micah readings, the Genesis reading is much easier (as it is targeted primarily for grade 3 children and up) and much more fun since we are reading stories mostly. I hope it will be a little but not much heavier than a bedtime story readings.

I hope we can involve our children and young adults in GCC in this as a blessing and as an inheritance for them. It will be a Zoom class on Monday evenings from 7:15-9:15 pm running over 8 weeks. I hope those who join the class will find, as I did, the rest of Scripture lights up when you know Genesis well."

-- Dr. Eugene Brian Wu
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