QIQT 2021 - Tutorials
The talk, which will be delivered tentatively at 10 & 3 PM every working day from 14th of June to 14th of July 2021, will be common to all except the tutorials, in which the students can choose their realm of interest.

Students are requested to fill in the google form to choose their area of interest from the following sub-areas:

(Note: Fill in the form only if you have registered for the QIQT2021)

1. Quantum Foundations and Information

2. Quantum Optics

3. Quantum Simulation / Computation and Entanglement in Condensed matter system

4. Quantum Chemistry

5. Quantum Sensing, Imaging, and Applications

Evening Session & tutorial common to all:

1. Quantum Computation on IBM and Other platforms (Tutorial)

2. Industry-Academia Interaction (Evening session)
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