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The coming semester, we (ESN) are welcoming a lot of international students again, which is great! Part of them will participate in our Buddy Program, which will make them part of a Buddy Family. Exclusive activities are organised for the buddy families by ESN every month and in the battle of the buddy families the families are challenged to do many fun activities together and win great prizes! For international students, it is a great start to build a social network in Wageningen!

To keep this program running, we need for every buddy family 2 or 3 Buddy Mentors that guide their Buddy Families through Wageningen and surroundings. In the first few weeks, these Mentors will - besides join as many activities as they want - have a guiding role. After some time however, we see that these Mentors become a group member like any other: enjoying ESN activities and many other adventures with a close group of international friends.

International students arrive in Wageningen throughout the entire year. For now, we are looking for people that want to become a Mentor starting in period 3 or from the winter AID (10-15 feb). The mentors are expected to stay active for at least half a year. So, are you a social and caring student that wants to contribute to an amazing study-abroad period for a group of students, sign up to become a Buddy Mentor yourself! You can either subscribe as a duo/trio or as an individual. In the latter case, we will find you a co-mentor! If you register as a pair or per three people, every individual needs to register themselves.

By filling in this form, you are registering to be a Buddy Mentor starting in period 3, in winter AID (10-15 feb) or after the winter AID. As a Buddy Mentor you will continue with your group for a whole semester (3 periods).

For any additional questions you can mail to integration@esn-wageningen.nl or visit our website: http://esn-wageningen.nl/

You can also like us on Facebook to stay updated about our activities: https://www.facebook.com/ESNWageningen/
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