Hip Hop Elemental Arts session 2 registration
By filling out this form, you understand that:
1) in order for you to participate in this program, if you or anyone in your household has knowingly contracted the Covid-19 Virus, you must provide a Doctor's note clearing you and your household of contagion dated no less than 1 week prior to the start date of this program (February 16)
2) your spot is not final until your payment (or first payment) is made, and should be made no later than Feb 9, 2021
3) your payment is non-refundable once the program commences with few exceptions
4) this program is 6 weeks & approximately 30 hours of professional (and fun!) mentoring and training for your child(ren)
5) at any time, if your child(ren) is/are bullying, destroying property, blatantly disrespecting others, running off without supervision or harming staff or participants, then you will no longer be allowed to partake in the program

This is your first of two registrations. This form solidifies your spot in the Feb 2021 session, however you still have the potential of slipping down the list with lack of payment setup. So please ensure both the form and payment are taken care of as soon as possible! We do NOT want to miss out on you!!!

PLEASE FILL OUT IN ITS ENTIRETY - this allows us to best serve you - THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
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Student FULL name, age and preferred name *
Main Guardian Contact name and phone number *
2nd student FULL name, age and preferred name
If you are registering more than one participant
3rd student FULL name, age and preferred name
Things you need/want us to know about your student(s) - DO NOT LEAVE BLANK *
preferred names, ptsd triggers, sensitivities to light, texture, etc, tendencies to run away, literally everything that will help make WAE the most enjoyable and protected experience
Emergency Information *
MUST INCLUDE ALL: Contact name & phone number plus a secondary contact; hospital preference; allergies; current physical ailments or restrictions we need to know about
Student allergies or other sensitivities (flashing lights, loud sounds, etc) *
What experience does/do your student(s) have in relation to this session's elements? [music engineering, lyrics, general songwriting, vocals, performance] *
This does not have to be professionally!! This does include singing around the house, loving to make beats on a table, easily memorizes lyrics, etc
What element is/are your student(s) most excited about? - check all that apply *
Who are some of your student(s) favorite artists? - list at least 3 *
Will you be requesting scholarship assistance? *
Will you be requesting other tuition assistance? *
When will you be making your (first) payment? *
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