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To receive an appointment with your school counselor, you MUST complete this form. All request MUST be verified by a parent/guardian. Please note changes may impact NCAA eligibility. Although every effort will be made to not disrupt a student's current schedule, a class change request may affect other class times or teacher assignments.

DEADLINE to submit request: Friday, September 18, 2020 by 2:15pm.

***After September 18th, all level changes (AP to Honors; Honors to Regular) require attending 3 tutorials and a parent/teacher conference.

School Counselor's Caseload (by student's last name)
Tiffany Walker Last Names A-D
Shasta Rodriguez Last Names E-K
Sarah Campbell Last Names L-R
Darlene Hood Last Names S-Z
Evelyn Carter ESL 10th/11th Graders
Serethea Brown ESL 9th/12th Graders
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