Matt DeMino Blizzcon Badge Order Form
Your very own custom Blizzcon Badge! (And goodies!)

Badges are 4"x 6" and come with a sleeve and lanyard
Base for all badges is $120
Guilds receive a 10% discount (on the badges) for bulk orders. (5 or more!)
Beautiful 8"x 12" and 11" x 17" prints of your piece also available!

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Base for all badges is $120. All badge orders come with an option for a border, badge sleeve and lanyard. Custom borders are available
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Badge add-ons
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Provide me with a transmog for your character! *
you can use the wowhead dressing room: or you can provide me with links.
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Custom avatar details (these are free!) *
Things such as jewelry, scars, different hair, eye color, make up and expressions! If you chose to include a battle/Hunter pet please write that in here.
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