Survey 99 WOMEN
Dear friend, in the past, you participated into 99 women in Shanghai in 2015. We would like to ask you some questions about your experience and what you got from it. The following questionnaire will help us designing and running our projects better in the future. The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for helping us with our research. Your response is important to us. Best regards. Geneviève.
About yourself
1. Which category below includes your age? *
2. Where are your from ( country, nationality, homeplace)? *
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3. Are you currently…?
4. What was your participation in the project? *
5. Have you already practiced these activities before the project “99 women”? *
6. Did you have any fear before getting involved in the project?
7. If yes, why ?
8. What was your major motivation to join the project ?
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9. What did you get from this experience? *
10. Could you express with your own words what you got from this experience?
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11. Generally speaking, were you satisfied of being part of this project? *
Not at all satisfied
Extremely satisfied
12. What did you like best about the experience? Why?
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13. What did you like the least about the experience? Why?
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14. Would you like to participate again in a similar theatre project in the future? *
15. if No, why ?
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Going a bit further, I'd like to know your general perceptions about the impact of collaborative and documentary theater projects like the 99 project on inviduals and communities.
16. According to you, could collaborative and documentary theater projects fit the following purpose?
Somewhat yes
Not really
I don't know
Increase people’s confidence and sense of self-worth
Stimulate interest and confidence in the arts
Contribute to the educational development of children
Help build new skills and work experience
Provide a forum for intercultural understanding and friendship
Develop contact between the generations
Be a means of gaining insights into social ideas
Strengthen community cooperation and networking
Develop pride in local traditions and cultures
Help people feel a sense of belonging and involvement
Involve residents in environmental improvements
Improve perceptions of marginalised groups
Help transform the image of organisations and public bodies
Help people develop their creativity
Erode the distinction between creator and consumer
Enrich the practice of professionals
Have a positive impact on how people feel
Provide a unique and deep source of enjoyment
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Thank you very much for your time !
Geneviève FLAVEN,
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