Mental Health Awareness Survey
This form is completely optional and is entirely anonymous. All information will be used to improve training options and policies for faculty regarding student mental health.

This survey should take (<2 minutes) and includes 5 multiple choice questions and an optional free response question.
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Does your class syllabus include DRES information?
NOTE: This form is completely anonymous and has no repercussions
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Does your class syllabus include mental health information?
This can include information about university resources, crisis information, etc.
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How informed do you feel about mental health?
Not informed at all
Very informed
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If you responded 2 or less to the previous question, have you considered one of the following options?
The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Kognito At-Risk Suicide Prevention Training is a 30-45 minute online training offered by the university that includes campus-specific resources and trains users to identify at-risk individuals. The Mental Health First Aid Training program is an 8 hour training that allows attendees to become certified in responding to mental health crisis situations.
Would you be willing to include a statement on mental health resources in your syllabus?
This would be a pre-approved statement template approved by the College of Engineering and Counseling Center
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Do you have any other feedback or thoughts you would like to provide?
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