Pine Valley Forest bathing
Thank you for your interest in our overnight trip to the Dixie State University Pine Valley Cabin! The cabin is basically a large house with a few bedrooms and a large living room where we will set up cots for the night.

We will be departing April 24th, Wednesday afternoon at 3 pm for DSU cabin from the DSU campus. We will spend a little time relaxing in the forest and will then return to the cabin for dinner and to relax in the evening. We will make use of reading day to relax and do anything from hiking, to simply laying among the trees reading a book or making art. All attendees will be dropped off in the forest to be alone (or with a friend) within easy walking distance of other attendees. We will return early Thursday afternoon so that you rest and do last minute preparations for finals (start Friday the 26th at DSU).

Also known as nature therapy, forest bathing incorporates submersing yourself in a natural environment with no stressors as a form of spiritual healing. We will be dropping students off in Pine Valley Forrest for approximately 2- 3 hours and we would like you to enjoy your time alone with nature. Avoid cell phones, music, etc, to cut out distractions and essentially cleanse. We understant you might be nervous to do this so it is okay to bring someone along with you to make you more comfortable. Please make sure to pack an overnight bag for yourself. We can provide necessary items such as sleeping bags if you do not have any. We will provide all meals, but please bring a water bottle if you have one!

By filling out this form you are making a commitment to attend, please keep in mind that since these trips are free, last minute cancellations mean lost money for future trips. We will send out a follow-up survey to find out what gear you might need. If you do not reply to the follow-up survey, you will be dropped from this trip. Last minute cancellations or simply not showing up will result in your deferral from future trips.

OLA funds underrepresented youth (16-30) in experiences outdoors and in public lands. We welcome participation from all who identify as underrepresented including racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQIA+, youth with disabilities, and those from low socioeconomic backgrounds. We also currently require all participants for this trip to be enrolled as students at DSU, SUU, UNLV, the College of Southern Nevada, or Nevada State College. Please note that OLA cannot fund international students at this time.
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