YR11 COA Video Submission
Hello year 11. Here you can submit a short video to be included in your end of year COA video. I tend to use very short clips (1 to 2 seconds max) of students smiling, waving goodbye, hugging and generally saying goodbye to each-other and your family and friends (who will be in the audience). In groups or solo...sort of like vine (is that still a thing?)

You can submit videos or photos from days gone by if you like. I will curate everything for suitability. You can submit more than one file; feel free to be creative and keep it school friendly please.

Points to consider:

1: VIDEOS SHOULD BE LANDSCAPE (phone on its side)
2: No audio is used. Spoken messages will be pointless.
3: Videos should be positive and happy.
4: No hand/gang signs.
5: No filters, bunny noses, big eyes or elf ears.
6: Girls go easy on the makeup please.
7: Clothes; uniform is fine, you can be in your own duds but please be conservative.

Essentially keep it family friendly and upbeat.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS MAY 27TH...but do it soon...otherwise you will just put it off...then not do it...I know you kids!!!

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