The Intercultural Floor - A Global Village Residence

General Information

Floor Advisor - Dr. Grace Fala

    What is the Intercultural Floor?

    Part of the Global Village initiative on campus, the Intercultural Floor represents a residential, community-based, learning environment that gives students opportunities to foster interpersonal and intercultural relationships with other students from cultures different from their own. Daily interaction, semester field trips, and a range of planned cultural activities (including house meals prepared and shared twice a month by residents) enable students to explore their common interest in the culturally diverse world, and provide a place for residents to exchange stories about their personal cultural experiences. The Intercultural Floor welcomes all students with or without a culturally diverse background. All students accepted to the Intercultural Floor must enroll in the one-credit course Communication Practicum course (CM-289) in the Fall of 2013 and in the Spring of 2014. Students with difficulties with credit number are allowed to audit the class but are expected to complete all the class assignments.


    Located in Terrace 1st Floor within TnT, the Intercultural Floor is a campus owned dorm located well within Juniata College. It houses 15 students and adheres to College housing policies. Both a Programming Coordinator and international students from around the world will live in the floor.
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