Big Brew Day 2019 Wort Sign Up
The SNOBs Big Brew 2019 will be on June 8.

Here’s how it will work.

We will be announcing a malt bill soon. On June 8, we will create the wort at Terrestrial Brewing Company. The wort will be unhopped, and boiled briefly for sanitation. SNOBs members are encouraged to brew with us whether or not they are collecting wort.

Fill out the form below to sign up for wort. Each person will get 5 gallons (or more, if you want), and is first-come, first-served (paid members only). Participants can take this wort home and treat it however they would like. Specialty grains, hops, fruits, spices, etc… just let your imagination go wild! In August there will be a contest at Terrestrial for the best beer. The winner will get a chance to brew their recipe with Terrestrial. In addition, we will have a people’s choice competition at the August meeting.

You must pick up your wort (or send someone to do it for you) at the conclusion of Brew Day on June 8. Bring your own sanitized container. We will do our best to keep everyone informed of the timing.

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