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The New Connections team is excited your Council has decided to discern next steps with the New Connections Campaign. Please take a few minutes to fill out your intentions and goals for the campaign in this acceptance form! Thank you!
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1. Your Congregation will participate in the New Connections Campaign over the course of the Campaign (now through May of 2020)
2. Your Council has chosen or will choose and support a congregation leader for stewardship?
3. Your Council has selected or will select a congregation leader for engagement?
4. If your Council has set target campaign goals through May 2020 (non-binding), please describe below: a) First, list your goal for the number of new active participants.
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b. If your Council has set target financial campaign goals (non-binding), please describe below (amount and month/year complete):
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5a. eSignature: Council President/Chair and Date (please type in name to represent signature)
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5b. eSignature: Pastor and Date (please type in name to represent signature)
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7. Let us know if you have any questions, ideas or comments you'd like to ask or share.
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