Pudding Summer Internship Application
As an intern at The Pudding, you’ll essentially play the position of sous-chef to a team member, helping them explore and produce their idea. This role is default 40 hours/week at $20/hr for 10-12 weeks, but could be part-time with flexible hours for the right candidate. Half of our team is based in NYC (where you can join us), but we also welcome applicants who can work remote or from home (as long as you can be available during EST/PST working hours). Applications close March 6, 2019. Responsibilities include 1) support the team on idea exploration, including data analysis, scraping, or research and *may* include 2) support the team on front-end development for stories by building chart prototypes and implementing designs (in HTML/CSS and JS). There's no hard experience requirements: we are searching for a diverse set of candidates who have *not* yet built a visualization or data journalism portfolio, and we'll be prioritizing potential versus demonstrated experience, as well as responses to the questions in this application. Candidates who have experience building full visual essays should reach out separately for freelance opportunities at The Pudding - check out https://pudding.cool/about/#rubric for details.
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What are three story ideas you’ve been keen on creating? Your response should be fairly short, about a paragraph or two each. They should outline what the idea is and how you might present it (regardless of your present day skillset). *
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The internship will involve supporting the team in story creation. What sort of experience might you bring to the team? (note: this should not be purely technical—e.g., data analysis, coding, etc., and could include your perspective, interests, worldview, etc)
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