Lean Startup Innovation Twin Cities - Summer 2022 Cohort
Thank you for your interest in the Lean Startup Innovation Twin Cities 2022 Cohort offered by ILT Academy @Finnovation Lab. We appreciate your interest in the course and willingness to share your idea/business.

This program is an interactive and immersive series of sessions where you'll walk your idea/startup through the Lean Startup process to help launch a successful business.   To participate, you’ll need an idea or startup to work with.  You do not need a fully-formed idea.  A basic idea is great.

This program is Virtual.  Each person will need high-speed Internet and a modern desktop/laptop computer with video camera to participate.  

This cohort is FREE through various partner funding support in the region.  Preference will be given to founders and startups in the Twin Cities 7 county metro. This includes founders who have an idea/startup serving the region, even if they live outside the region. The program will consider applications from throughout Minnesota and we encourage all interested parties to apply.

Please complete the application in it's entirety.  We'll review your application, and you may be contacted  to schedule a 20-30 minute discussion to learn more about you and your idea/business, answer any questions you have, and explain the course and requirements in more detail.  

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application.  

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