2019 Friends Survey
The Friends of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp would like to hear from you!
How familiar are you with FOBTC’s mission and what we do? *
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If you have made a donation to FOBTC, how easy or difficult was it to do so?
If you have made a donation to FOBTC, how likely are you to donate to FOBTC again?
If you have NOT made a donation to FOBTC yet, why not?
How many Camp Tuolumne related events are you likely to attend each year? *
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Which Berkeley family camp are you most affiliated with?
Are you affiliated with other family camps outside of Camp Tuolumne or Echo Lake? If so, which ones?
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Do you see you/your family returning to Berkeley Tuolumne Family Camp when it reopens? *
When imagining returning to Camp Tuolumne, what are you most excited about? What are your concerns?
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Are you interested in getting more involved with FOBTC?
Is there anything you’d like to see FOBTC do in the future? Other suggestions/feedback you’d like to share with us?
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