St. Joseph County Emergency Rental Assistance: Reapplication Form
This form is intended only for tenants who have ALREADY received Emergency Rental Assistance funding and are still eligible and in need of additional assistance. If you were not eligible for funding through the original application, completing this form WILL NOT qualify you for funding.

Please see the St. Joseph County website ( for full details on qualifications for ERA assistance.

Once your reapplication is complete, the agency you previously worked with will be contacted to assess your eligibility. They will reach out to you with further details.

Submission does not guarantee funding.
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Emergency Rental Assistance Requirements:
The St. Joseph County Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program may provide temporary rental and utility assistance for applicants who:
- Are currently a resident of St. Joseph County;
- Name appears on the rental lease;
- Income is less than 80% of the median household income in St. Joseph County; and
- Demonstrate housing instability or risk of homelessness.

Meet one of the following three requirements:
1. A member of the applicant's household has received unemployment benefits since April 1, 2020
2. The applicant's household has experienced a reduction in household income due to an involuntary job layoff, reduced work hours, or reduced pay
3. The applicant's household incurred significant costs or experienced a financial hardship due to COVID-19
Please confirm that you still meet all of the requirements listed above. *
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*Bills of proof will need to be provided to the processing agency.
If you selected any of the above utility providers, please list the amount on your bill.
Are you requesting additional rental assistance?* *
*Proof of need will be required by the processing agency.
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