Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #19
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Quisque sua acte perito est ______.”
Hint: Every one experienced in his own calling is to be believed.
1 point
“Qui prior est ______ potior est jure.”
Hint: He who is first in point of time is preferred in law.
1 point
“Quod ab initio non valet, in tractu temporis non ______.”
Hint: That which was void from its commencement, does not improve by lapse of time.
1 point
“Qui pareit ______, innocentes punit.”
Hint: He who spares the guilty, punishes the innocent.
1 point
“Qui peccat ebrius, luat ______.”
Hint: Let him who sins when drunk, be punished when sober.
1 point
“Quicquid ______ solo solo cedit.”
Hint: Whatever is planted in (or affixed to the soil) belongs to the soil.
1 point
“Qui vult decipi, ______.”
Hint: Let him be deceived who wishes to be deceived.
1 point
“Qui sentit ______ sentire debet et onus.”
Hint: He who receives the advantage ought also to suffer the burden.
1 point
“Quod fieri non ______ factum valet.”
Hint: That which ought not to be done, is yet valid (sometimes) when done.
1 point
“Qui tacet sentire ______.”
Hint: He who is silent appears to consent.
1 point
“Quicquid solvitur, solvitur secundum modum solventis, quicquid recipitur, recipitur secundum modum ______.”
Hint: Whatever money is paid, is paid according to the direction of the payer, whatever money received, is received according to that of the recipient.
1 point
“Qui non prohibet id quod ______ potest, assentire videtur.”
Hint: He who does not forbid what he is able to prevent, appears to assent.
1 point
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