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This form will be used to help find students interested in helping organize sunhacks, an annual hackathon at Arizona State University.

All majors are welcome to help organize sunhacks, and you do not need to have participated in a hackathon before in order to help organize one.

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Have you ever participated in a hackathon before? If so, which one(s)? If you have not, do not fret! Many organizers have organized hackathons before having attended one themselves. *
What inspires you to help organize sunhacks? Do you have any goals? *
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The committees on sunhacks will be as follows:
The industry committee is in charge of finding sponsors and communicating with them. You will be the middleman between our organizer team and these sponsors. If you are on this committee you will be reaching out to different people and companies to help find sponsors, and once sponsors are found, you will likely have a few main contacts to relay information with. Since you are dealing with our sponsors we expect you to be committed to this role through the date of our hackathon, as it can get a little awkward to have more than one or two people in contact with a company.

Our marketing team is in charge of promoting our hackathon. Whether it's helping design the website, managing social media, placing posters around school, or going to classes this committee will be helping promote Sun Hacks. The goal of this committee is to give sunhacks a great reputation among students at ASU and other universities to help boost the number of excited and passionate attendees.

The design committee is in charge of designing our brand. We will have a basic color scheme and design patterns to work with and create material from. This committee will be designing our sponsorship package, posters, t-shirts, swag, and everything in-between. The design committee is what makes sunhacks stand out.

The operations committee is in charge of organizing the logistics of the hackathon. This committee will help with securing a venue, creating a schedule, ordering supplies and food, and additional organization tasks. A lot goes into the logistics of a hackathon, and the operations committee helps make it all go smoothly.

Hacker Experience:
The hacker experience committee is in charge of making our hackers happy. This committee helps with a lot of day of logistics such as fun events, workshops, judging, prizes, mentors, etc. Our hacker experience committee helps our hackers have an amazing time at our hackathon.

The treasurer is in charge of creating a budget and managing our spending. When our hackathon approaches, we will need someone to check out a p-card and purchase items from our account. Experience with budgeting is a plus!

Please read about our different committees above. Which committee(s) would you be interested in participating on? *
Would you be interested in a leadership role in one of these committees? (note: this will be a time commitment) *
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