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The Abraham Joshua Heschel Honor Society is a speciality club of USY that promotes Jewish learning for teens that is relevant and engaging, and encourages interactions between Jewish teens who exemplify a commitment to Jewish learning.

To become a member, the Heschel Society requires USYers to demonstrate commitment to taking an active role in Jewish life - whether it be by learning new Jewish skills, contributing to Jewish learning, or showing dedication to new Jewish rituals. USYers can become members by exemplifying any or all of the following:

--> Learning something new (or consistently leading something) within the framework of Jewish prayer and demonstrating it persistently - whether it be learning how to lead an entire service, reading from the Torah, or chanting Birkat HaMazon.
--> Writing and running programs aimed at Jewish education - whether it be a sicha (conversation) or a Creative Service.
--> Dedicating yourself to a new Jewish ritual - whether it be consistently wrapping Tefillin, keeping Shabbat and the Holidays, or attending synagogue services multiple times a month.

Benefits of Membership include:

--> Receive a sparkling Heschel pin and other cool Jewish regalia throughout the year
--> Gaining access to the Heschel Society’s closed Facebook group, which is a place for meaningful discussions about -Judaism
--> Gaining access to the IC Heschel late night “in-person” Torah Bytes session on a contemporary Jewish topic relevant to all of our lives (and, of course, free kosher food)!
--> Additional access to Heschel late night programs at conventions

Once you receive your membership confirmation email, you are a member for life!

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