Polk Institute of Social Entrepreneurship Adjunct Professor application:
Applicants must complete this application in its entirety to be considered for acceptance as an Adjunct Professor in the Polk Institute of Social Entrepreneurship (Pi). All applicants will be interviewed by a three to five person selection team and given an opportunity to discuss their credentials and qualifications for the course(s) they intend to teach. Acceptance and participation is afforded at the sole and absolute discretion of Polk Institute of Social Entrepreneurship.


Candidates must have been interviewed by our Chief Recruiter and/or recommended to the Founders for further consideration. Candidates must have at least a Bachelor's Degree and have taught the course subject matter previously or have had a minimum of 3-years experience in the business world dealing with the course subject matter.


Adjunct Professors (APs) must agree to cooperate with curriculum department of each course they intend to teach to ensure all Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) are met for standardized Pi requirements.

APs must video weekly modules (for asynchronous learning) for the four-week period of the course.

APs will need to commit to 2-hours of live synchronous virtual class time per week.

APs will need to commit office hours, 1-hour per week, for 1:1 student meetings.

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“Polk Institute Foundation (“PIF”) provides a practical training program (“Program”) in social entrepreneurship for interested business owners (“Attendees”). Completion of Program does not confer an Attendee with any educational degree. Attendee expressly and impliedly acknowledges the Program is for training purposes only and is not a substitute for any professional advice (for example legal or financial) and agrees that PIF disclaims any warranties. While PIF aims for Program to meet highest standards, neither PIF, nor its instructors/speakers accept any liability for (i) any inaccuracy or misleading information provided in the Program or Program materials and any reliance by Attendee on any such information, (ii) any loss of profit, revenue or goodwill, (iii) any guarantee of profit or success, or (iv) any indirect, special or consequential loss arising from any breach of the terms of any agreement from attending Program. By attending Program courses, Attendee agrees to all terms and conditions issued at the time of enrollment.”
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