CREE Solar Villages Living Laboratories Research Application
This application should be the first step related to research projects involving the Smart living laboratories. After you submitted the application, it will be reviewed and you may be asked for a meeting to discuss the research in more details. If research is approved, please add the CREE on your proposal for any funding that may need to be provided to the Center and for credit. If the research application is refused , you will be provided with a reason.

Email address *
Please select which home(s) you want to consider for research. *
For specific information regarding the technology available in each home , go to :
Access Requirements: Please list the approximate number of days, hours, months you estimate needing access to the facilities.Additionally, you should consider adding -as a direct cost- on your proposal the average cost of ($30) per hour for the person from the Center providing you with access to the laboratories or any work involved in helping implement and conduct some of the research. Please provide a Mo Code. *
Which system(s) of the home(s) or Microgrid(s) will be impacted by your research? *
System(s) Impact (if any) *
Water, Electrical , HVAC, and length of time of the impact (either short term or long term).
Will your research requires student information. If yes, please provide an IRB and explain what information or participation you may need from the students living in the homes.Please understand that even if the IRB is accepted, that students living in the homes may not want to participate in the research project.
Will there be hardware and/or software installed into the home(s)? *
If yes, please explain the hardware/ and or software to be installed and where. *
For any hardware requiring professional installation of new hardware or modification of current hardware, a Missouri S&T technician may be assigned by the Center Please provide MOCode for cost of services for the technician.
Will installed research components use cloud based data applications, or need provisions for direct communications?if yes, additional information may be needed to comply with IT University policy.
If yes, will the hardware and/or software be removed when the research project is complete? *
If the hardware and/or software remains beyond the end date of the research project or another specific date is not given to remove the equipment, ownership will be transferred to the Center for Research in Energy and Environment and used for future projects. Access to the equipment and software must be provided to the Center before installation (usernames, passwords, etc).
Do you need a full time resident living in the home for the research project? *
Some homes may not have a full time resident?
Clear selection
Clear selection
Describe any potential safety issues to the residents, equipment, or users during on site visits. *
Start Date of Project *
Please give the time frame you will need access from starting month and year to ending month and year.
End Date of Project *
Please give the time frame you will need access from starting month and year to end month and year.
Please list the Primary Investigator (PI) contact information including name, department, email, and research title. *
List of additional faculty, staff, or students who will be working on this research project. *
Please list the sources of funding for the project and the amount.
What are the potential benefits, outcomes, etc from this research project? *
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