2017 Youth Ultimate Club Application

Illinois Youth Ultimate is bringing back the YCC Chicago team for the 2017 summer. This year Chicago is running a U20 Boys and a U17 Boys team, with hopes for a U20 Girls team. Although locations and time for practice have yet to be determined the tryout location has. Tryouts will be on June 11h at Schiller Park in Chicago (http://bit.ly/1WshbIj) from 3P-6P.

Both teams are seeking players who want to take their game to the next level, and we think the tryout process is a big part of that. The Chicago YCC team is a great way for players to learn from new voices, meet and play with new teammates, and have a great summer of ultimate representing Chicagoland. We think this approach is great for players at the same time as it can yield two very competitive teams.

IYU u20 Boys Team: This team is intended to be an elite team of players from Illinois. Players interested in playing on this team would have to be under 20 by/before June 1st 2017. So college freshmen do qualify (sometimes). The idea is we keep this our premier team. Neuqua is also running a U20 team to help support the growing number of players interested in continued play.

IYU u17 Boys: We understand that transportation for this group is a challenge, and we also understand that it is one that we will not be able to solve for everyone. Ideally we will be able to find a spot that the most players can access for practice, and we will work with the team and coaches to figure out what is best.

IYU u20 Girls: If we have the numbers, which we hope we do, we will have a u20 girls team. Practice location will be in the city near transit.

Eligibility: Players must not turn 20 in 2017 to be eligible for YCC. For more information, you can look at http://www.usaultimate.org/youth/guidelines.aspx#U20_Player_Requirements. Please note that if you think you may not meet these requirements, exceptions are possible. If you are interested in YCC, we will help you find an exception.

Cost: Tryout is FREE

Cost for the YCC season: $450 (only if you make the team...tryouts are free)
**PLEASE NOTE**: After review we realized our fee was very low and we had to run emergency fundraisers to cover costs for the tournament. Also this year YCC moved to a 3 day tournament which resulted in higher player fees, an extra hotel night and an extra van rental day. All players who completed our end of season survey noted they also wanted higher quality jerseys, so this year we will be ordering Patagonia jerseys for our athletes. All these factors played into our registration fee.

Practice Location and times: U20, Schiller Park, Wednesday evening and Sunday mornings. Please note that this is subject to possibly change based on field availability. u17, TBA. Specific times and locations are under review.

At IYU we would love to make a system that is perfect for everyone, yet that is a near impossibility. So this new system is designed to meet the needs of our players while also trying to grow the sport in both numbers and talent. These teams are designed to be competitive. Practices are required and are very structured. However, we will always maintain the notion that sports are supposed to be fun as well. If you have any questions please feel free to contact IYU at Illinoisyouthultimate@gmail.com or andy.neilsen@gmail.com.

Any questions please direct them to illinoisyouthultimate@gmail.com or andy.neilsen@gmail.com



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